Rodgers is confident the support board will continue Leicester City

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Rodgers is confident the support board will continue Leicester City is still in serious condition.

Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers remains confident. He will continue to work at the club despite just one Premier League win. And was booe by fans after the draw with Crystal Palace in the latest game.

Leicester have play 10 games, winning one, drawing two and losing seven. They are at the bottom of the table for another week. After only a 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace in the last game. Fans were held up with banners stating: “Board, it’s time to work” shouts of expulsion of the manager and ” BR accepted those critics.

“When I moved here This is a team that is trying to climb to the top. and fight against the top teams of the league. And we have always been. Finishing 5th in the league twice Win the FA Cup for the first time in the club’s history. After that, we did not strengthen the team in this market. And if you can’t strengthen while other teams have already done You will have to face more difficult situations. I respect the decisions we couldn’t do last summer. If there will be a resentment anger it will come down to me. not board of directors They have always done an excellent job of their job.”

“For me, I am a fairly experience manager. and I will work hard to do my best. Being criticize always happen. And it always happens to me. The year we won the FA Cup. I was criticized for putting the team at the bottom table during that season. All I can do is look at the next game. Keep working hard.”

Next game, Leicester City will open their home again against Leeds United on 21 October 2022.