Man Utd 0-0 Newcastle: Eliminate every issue

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Man Utd 0-0 Newcastle: Eliminate every issue

1. Ronaldo starts

It is the first game on the Premier League stage. This season that Cristiano Ronaldo has entrust with Erik ten Hag to start in the starting lineup. The Portugal international show great enthusiasm during 72 minutes on the pitch. Before being replace by Marcus Rashford

Ronaldo, finishing the game with a shot-stop record. 1 time, with a shot that doesn’t match the frame again (Excluding the ball that he tried to steal the chicken to take advantage of Nick Pope’s free-kick.)

2. Manchester United’s last ball

Antoni became the most dominant player in Manchester United’s attack today when a shot burned up a yellow card from Dan Bern to show Kata. While Jadon Sancho on the other side showed up. Join the switch to disappear from the game.

Surprisingly, Erik ten Hag’s side not focuse on opening up Dan Berne’s attack. They have not able to maintain their attacking intensity throughout the side despite having 63 per cent of the ball possession with 15 shot chances on target only 2 times

3. The size of Manchester United’s squad may not be enough to contend with the way in the Premier League this season.

Marcus Rashford was the first and only substitute Ten Hag sent on for the game, replacing Cristiano Ronaldo in the 72nd minute considering the players on the horses. Sitting in the Red Devils. They have no senior attacking players on standby besides Rashford. With Donny van de Beek and Anthony Martial Young. Must be resting from injury