Play Thai boxing for fun and know Thai boxing vocabulary.

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Play Thai boxing for fun and know some Thai boxing vocabulary.

If you’ve ever heard of dubbed boxing at a match, and then wondered what the words spoken mean We have compiled the vocabulary about Thai boxing for you to read. in order to see Muay Thai have more flavor and to be able to play boxing more fun UFABET.

  • Level refers to the rank of the senior of Thai boxers. which doesn’t have to be older to be superior Here it refers to the reputation or success of each Thai boxer. Therefore, if any boxer is more successful than his opponent. It will seen that better name As for those with lesser names Getting a kick with a boxer. Who is superior is call “up the floor” or “comparing to the floor”.
  • Arming is the rhythm of attacking an opponent with the body with 2 fists, 2 feet, 2 knees and 2 elbows, which is the rule in professional Muay Thai. Which in addition to causing the opponent to injur. There is also a beautiful posture. It is unique in Thai boxing as well.
  • Keeping weapons means preventing the opponent’s weapons from release. This allows Thai boxers to suffer less injuries from being attacked.
  • The boxing bone is use to compare the experience and number of fights of a boxer. By veteran boxers Pass the arena more than It is seen. That the boxing bone is stronger than the less experienced boxing partner.
  • Boxing Square is a rhythm in an attack or attack. It’s like finding a square, finding a hole to issue a weapon. or self-defense and counterattack against the opponent

For those who have not had a chance to play boxing or bet on boxing before After reading this article, you may feel that Thai boxing is no less interesting than football betting. It can also easily follow live broadcasts or match results, can bet online boxing with online betting websites or websites. That are only open for boxing betting. There are pairs to choose from every week, small pairs, big pairs or boxing masters. There is also a choice to play. Easy to place bets. The format is similar to football betting. May be a little different in looking at the price rate. But nothing complicated Beginners easy to get start.