Stuffy nose at night and ways to relieve nasal congestion while sleeping.

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Stuffy nose at night It is a stuffy nose, blocked nose, or feeling like there is less air passing in or out of the nose than usual that usually occurs at night. This symptom can occur for many reasons, such as allergies, sleeping position, and upper respiratory infections. Air inside the bedroom.

A stuffy nose at night can affect sleep. This is because people with nasal congestion often get worse while sleeping. It may also increase the risk of sleep disorders such as snoring and obstructive sleep  apnea . Therefore, dealing with nasal congestion correctly at night may help you breathe easily. Prevent various disorders and help you sleep better. 

Know the causes of a stuffy nose at night: A stuffy nose at night occurs when the blood vessels in the lining of the nose become inflamed. Inflammation is a symptom that occurs when foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses, dust or allergens enter the body. Inflammation may result in swelling of the nasal mucosa. And causes various symptoms of nasal congestion such as runny nose, UFABET, sneezing , itchy nose,  stuffy nose, nose tightness, and nose can’t smell.

We would like to invite you to see what the following ways to relieve nasal congestion while sleeping are. We believe that everyone can definitely do this because there are simple steps and no hassle.

Use saline to wash your nose: To cleanse the mucus out Helps keep the nasal cavity moist, not dry. Importantly, the saline used must be medical saline. and use clean equipment If you have never washed your nose before, you can buy it at the drugstore and let the pharmacist advise you on how to do it.

Use a cloth moistened with warm water to compress: Use a warm, damp cloth to compress the area from the nose to the forehead. It will help open the nasal cavity that is congested. Reduce nasal congestion Helps to breathe more easily. You can do it if you have symptoms or you can do it before bed as well.

Drink enough water: Drinking enough water, sipping regularly throughout the day, replenishes the body’s water. It will help keep the mucus from sticking and blocking the nasal cavity. When you have a stuffy nose, you should drink room temperature water. If you drink cold water, it can irritate your throat.

Sleep with your head elevated: Before going to bed if you have a stuffy nose at night, nasal congestion, and difficulty breathing. You should raise your head higher than normal to make breathing easier. You may use stacked pillows and position your head slightly higher than normal to maintain a comfortable position. When you wake up, you will not have pain in your body.