Nuno complains that ‘Newcastle’ missed a penalty.

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Nuno Espirito Santo, manager of Nottingham Forest, expressed his disappointment at Anthony Taylor on the field and the VAR room missing a penalty that the team clearly should have received in the game losing to Newcastle United 3-2 at home

on Saturday night at the City Ground. There was a problem in the 62nd minute, between the score 2-2, “The Jungle” placed a long move into the penalty area for Taiwo Awoniyi to escape Sven Bot. It was about to finish the score but collided with Martin Dubravka, the opposing goalkeeper, falling to the ground and suing for a penalty.

However, Taylor allowed play to continue with the VAR room, led by Tony Harrington, checking and not returning. The verdict before 5 minutes later Bruno Guimarães scored the winning goal for “Salika”:

“That’s right. I watched the footage in slow motion over and over again. And we should have had a very clear penalty. So I don’t understand the decision.” Nuno said in an interview after missing the opportunity to score and escape the danger zone.

“Maybe Anthony Taylor didn’t see the situation clearly. because he stood behind But that’s why we have VAR ′

′ We met a good team. and equalized 2 times, which is already difficult We had a clear chance to overtake the lead. But faced a decision that changed the game ′′ ′′

I feel both frustrated, sad and disappointed. We showed good form. Create multiple opportunities But there were some things that seriously damaged us.”

Eddie Howe, manager of the Newcastle team, was also asked about the timing of the problem. But he refused to decide. ufabet

“I don’t see the situation clearly. because there were many people standing and covering And I haven’t seen the slow motion yet… Many people told me it wasn’t a penalty. But that is Newcastle’s view.”