Germany media is serious. “Kane ‘s Disaster”

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Germany media Criticize Harry Kane ‘s performance in the game where Bayern Munich defeated Bayer. Leverkusen 3-0

This match is considered an important game. For Thomas Tuchel’s team as they are 2 points behind “Drugstore”. Which after the game ended. They were torn down by 5 points with only 13 matches remaining. The

result made Xabi Alonso’s team unable to spell defeat in the Bundesliga. In addition, the “Southern Tigers” Looks like they’ll lose the league title for the first time since the 2011/12 season, when they won 11 seasons in a row.

After the competition Bayern players have been heavily criticize by the domestic media. Including the England striker, BILD’s big headline stated: “Kane ‘s Disaster” by adding in the text that

“He was actually bought for games like this.” Harry Kane and his worst game in a Bayern shirt

overall. In total, the England captain touched the ball 18 times in 90 years. minutes and only had one chance to pull the trigger.

“Kane wasn’t in the game at all, no goals, no assists – Build gave 6 points”

“It was just his determination that was still there. He ran 10.8 kilometers. With only Mazraoui running more than Bayern’s side ′′ ′′

He should get the top scorer award. But he moved to Bayern to win the championship..”