Jesus looked at Arsenal and played better but lost.

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Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus said his team performed better but ended up as the team that lost. The Gunners lost to Aston Villa with a score of 0-1 in the Premier League on Saturday night, resulting in the Arsenal losing the lead, trailing Liverpool by one point from 16 games played.

“We feel like we played better than the previous match. I think we were in control of the game. We conceded a goal early in the game and then the game went in another direction,” the Brazil striker said after the game UFABET

“We played well. They have a good team, good players, playing wonderfully and you can see that. I think we should win but right now our focus is on the next game.

“I feel like I got hit. (from the moment of protest calling for a penalty) But I don’t know about the rules which may not be a penalty. I couldn’t do anything but I felt someone touch me. But it is their (referee’s) decision.

“I don’t know if the goal was clearly handball or not. We don’t know, we just have to accept it and focus on the next game again. Then we might get a better judgment.”